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You can save thousands of dollars by reglazing bathroom floor tiles if they look a little dated but are still in good condition.

Your bathroom floor replacement might potentially cost several thousand dollars. That’s because you’re paying for more than simply brand-new tile materials. In addition, you’re paying for a lot of labor costs, such as those associated with planning, ordering, demolition, setting up tile patterns, installing tiles, grouting tiles, and sealing tiles. It can be costly because these bathroom floor remodeling steps require time and expertise.

Your floor’s bathroom tile can be refinished for a far lower price than replacement, and it will still appear brand new after many years. It’s an affordable way to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom without making a significant investment.

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Porcelain Floor Tile Reglazing

Porcelain tiles are one of the bathroom flooring types we replace most frequently. It’s one of the most common materials for bathrooms because it’s pretty affordable and robust while also being dense. It only makes sense to think about refinishing porcelain tile when it becomes out of date because the whole objective of having porcelain tile is to acquire many years of longevity from it. Your porcelain tile can be fixed, resurfaced, and regrouted to look brand new.

Ceramic Floor Tile Reglazing

Ceramic tile usually costs less than porcelain but has similar qualities because it is made similarly. Because of this, restrooms all around Northeast Florida have ceramic tile floors. Call us to repair, refinish, and reglaze your ceramic tile in the color and finish of your choice to extend the life of your ceramic tile.

What if the floor tiles have little chips or cracks in them?

No issue. We can typically correct minor flaws like fixing tiny cracks and chips and buffing away scratches as long as there aren’t big fissures that endanger the integrity of the tile or floor. We also aim to restore surfaces with our bathtub tile restoration services.

What if I want to change the shade of the floor tiles in my bathroom?

You may! Our premium coating products are available in various hues and finishes, including stone-fleck finishes that resemble granite. We’ll provide you with a wide range of options when you contact for an estimate so you can select the color and finish that best suits the style of your bathroom.

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