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Tub and shower tiles can deteriorate over time, like many bathroom fixtures. The value of your bathroom tile might be reduced by scum, mineral buildup, cracks, chips, and stains, which will also reduce the value of your house. But can bathroom tile be reglazed?

Fortunately, VT Tub Reglazing’s bathtub and tile reglazing services will make your worn-out ceramic and porcelain tiles look brand new.

All bathroom tiles can be repaired and reglazed as part of our refurbishing process. Even better, we can refinish your tile in whatever color you like. Refinishing your tile is a terrific method to update your bathroom’s outdated bubblegum pink decor if you are sick of seeing it every time you shower.

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Process for Professional Tub and Tile Refinishing

Tile reglazing is strongly advised if you want tub and shower tiles that are as long-lasting as they are gorgeous. We don’t just paint your tiles’ outside and call it a day. Painting tile is a bandage or cover for imperfections; it does not correct them.

More on Tile Refinishing

Refinishing goes above and above by fixing cracked layers, smoothing everything out, and finally painting the tiles in your preferred color. Specialized primers, bonding agents, coatings, finishes, and tools are needed for the refinishing process to complete the task. We start by cleaning your current tiles thoroughly, filling in any chips or cracks, and removing any scratches. 

We apply a thin coating to the surface to ensure evenness when everything is tidy, smooth and mended. After that, we add a unique glaze in the color of your choice. Whether you choose traditional white or something that stands out, we have a selection of hues and tones to pick from. We are delighted to make color and pattern recommendations to improve your bathroom’s atmosphere.

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