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We can offer similar treatments for your acrylic shower surrounds, shower pans, shower and bathtub combination units, tile shower walls, and freestanding shower stalls because showers and bathtubs are typically constructed of the same kinds of layers.

Whether fixing a fiberglass shower, refinishing a shower stall, installing an acrylic shower surround, or installing tile in a storm, our work will significantly lessen usage-related damage. Our goal is to deliver you fast, high-quality work that is less expensive than replacing your shower or tub.

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Process for Professional Shower Tile Refinishing

For our skilled specialists, restoring a shower to like-new condition is simple. Enjoy the beauty of a refinished shower while we care for the dirty work.

We use the refinishing process to repair your shower’s paint and outer sealant in cases of minor damage and cosmetic repair. This layer typically needs to be renewed over time because it tends to chip and bubble the most as it ages. This procedure is ideal for fixing minor surface damage but does not address more fundamental problems with the shower’s construction.

Shower Resurfacing & Repair

Resurfacing the liner, which is located just below the paint but above the acrylic glaze, is a necessary step in tub and shower restoration. It is highly advised to maintain the liner layer because it is essential to the shower’s longevity.

If your shower needs to be resurfaced, we will remove the liner and all of the top layers before fixing the damage. As we already have the proper layer exposed throughout the restoration process, we advise resurfacing a chipped shower. Since the shower liner acts as a moisture barrier from the bottom layer, keeping it clean and maintained is crucial.

Reglazing Shower Tiles

However, in some circumstances, aged and worn-out showers have impairments beyond the first two processes and call for reglazing. Most batteries and tubs with minor surface defects and damage can gain outstanding improvement from a refinish or resurface. A reglaze will be helpful for showers that need a thorough makeover and are in poor condition.

Shower reglazing is still significantly more affordable than replacement, despite being a labor-intensive process that uses chemicals. If a reglazing is necessary, we buff off all the layers of the shower and essentially rebuild the framework to leave you with a sturdy, solid, glossy shower or tub. This is practically brand-new at this point!

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