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A full countertop replacement used to be the best option on the market, but not anymore! We have the solution to repair, reglaze, and refinish your surfaces on the spot!



Countertop resurfacing service is a process that rejuvenates your old, worn-out countertops. It will give you the new look of granite or marble at an affordable price! 

We also offer other services like kitchen and bath remodeling to help spruce up your home. If you are looking for a company with high-quality workmanship and competitive pricing, then we’re the right choice for you!

Imagine your kitchen with a luxurious granite countertop that makes it the perfect place to spend time. Countertop Resurfacing services take care of everything from removing the old surface, resurfacing and installing new material into one easy affordable price.

The process is simple and can be done in the afternoon. Here are the steps:  

  • Clean the surface with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol
  • Use a putty knife to remove any excess sealant
  • Apply new sealant
  • Allow it to dry for three hours
  • Sand lightly
  • Apply two coats of protective finish
  • Let it dry overnight
  • Apply wax using long strokes
  • Buff off residue
  • Keep your newly resealed countertops clean by wiping regularly with oil-soaked rags, if necessary
  • Polish them periodically with mineral oil as needed.

We provide top of the line countertop resurfacing service. We are a family-owned and operated company with years of experience in the field. 

Our goal is to make your countertops look new, without breaking your bank. For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us today!

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Does you bathtub need some fixing? We can help!


We can keep your tile walls in good shape.


We refinish or reglaze countertops.


We reglaze all types of bathtubs.


Countertops covered in chips and scratches have been bothering homeowners for years. This kitchen update makes this process much more affordable and easier than you might think!

With a few hours of waiting time, your countertops are resurfaced to look like new again! With our very simple solution, you’ll be saving money without all the hassle that goes along with other methods of fixing them up.

We even do extra little details like repairing broken tile or grout lines – let us worry about the hard stuff while you experience that crazy-happy feeling that comes from having brand-new countertops again!

With our Countertop Resurfacing service, you can choose from several different finishes for a unique look to match every design need. From matte black to white glossy marble—choose whichever finish brings out the best in your personal style!

In just one day, your worn-out countertop will be transformed into a shiny, reflective surface that complements your kitchen. Gone are the days of taped-up broken glasses and scratched messes; faux granite has never looked more new.


Our Countertop Resurfacing Features

The process of resurfacing countertops can be very simple and is a great way to update your kitchen. Resurfacing countertops also saves you from the expense of replacing them completely.

  • Countertop resurfacing can save you money
  • It’s a quick, easy fix for countertops that are scratched or stained
  • Resurfacing will also give your kitchen an updated look
  • You can choose from several different finishes including soapstone, granite, and marble 
  • Countertop resurfacing is environmentally friendly as it uses recycled materials 

Refinishing your countertops, bathtubs, shower walls, and other surfaces can make them look new again.

Deterioration often begins in the tiniest of cracks over time, which eventually turn into large divots. The colors may fade and everything could end up looking unappealing. 

This is why VT Lakewood Tub Reglazing & Refinishing offers resurfacing services to bring life back into your home while keeping costs low without needing a costly remodel or replacement in the foreseeable future.

Tired old countertops seem to pop with more vibrant hues from our cleaning solutions that protect against dirt buildup and wear-and-tear as well as possible discoloration associated with age or exposure to UV light cycles caused by natural sunlight coming through windows and such.

Residential and commercial countertops are expensive to replace, but in the past they were often your only option. We can now repair and refinish surfaces onsite without ever having to remove them from their current location! 

This means you get a beautiful new surface that is ready for use immediately—no need to wait weeks or months while we order materials and schedule installation time. Call us today at (848) 233-3008 with any questions about our services or if you’d like an estimate on what it would cost to have one of our experts come out and provide an evaluation of your project!


Beautiful New Countertops For Less

Resurfacing or refinishing a countertop is one of the most efficient ways to alter the appearance of a bathroom or kitchen. VT Lakewood Tub Reglazing specializes in the resurfacing of countertops. This method gives the room a fresh impression while saving clients money by eliminating the need to replace the surface entirely. When homeowners employ a professional for countertop resurfacing, they will not have to alter their life for many weeks to get the desired updated appearance.

Countertops can be quickly refinished, with or without decorative edging, to encourage contemporary aesthetics. You may change your countertops without destroying your kitchen or causing major household interruptions. This work is completed in fewer weeks or months, allowing people to experience a freshly planned area sooner.

Contact the premier countertop specialist in New Jersey, VT Lakewood Tub Reglazing, for the best in beauty and quality. Refinishing countertops produces a new countertop over an existing one instead of a completely new counter. The stairs give the countertop a contemporary appearance while preserving its structure. After installing modern countertops, you will want to modernize the remainder of your kitchen!

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