Cleaning and Maintaining Your Newly Reglazed Bathtub

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Newly Reglazed Bathtub

Refinishing, which is also called “reglazing,” is a process that involves adding a polyurethane coating and can be used to make your bathtub look new again. The upkeep for a restored bathtub is equivalent to that of a car’s paint job. A few more steps are required to keep the Tile Regrouting NJ finish looking good. If you don’t take care of your finish, it will not last as long, and you risk voiding the warranty.

Follow these steps to protect your freshly refinished or reglazed tub:

  • Please obey if the firm tells you to avoid using the surface for a specified period.
  • Bottles, rags, sponges, and soap should never be used on the finish. A shower rack would be an option.
  • Any leaky faucets should be repaired as soon as possible.
  • To avoid injury, use soft cleaning products rather than harsh ones. There are no apparent signaling objects (S-O-S) pads. It’s not a comet. There are no razors available. ABRASIVES ARE NOT ALLOWED! To clean the tub, use spray cleaners and a soft sponge.
  • Suction-cupped bath mats are not suggested. They may retain moisture and cause the finish to tear.
  • It is not advised to pick at the surface to eliminate dust. After repeated cleaning and use for three to four weeks, all visible dust should be gone. Waxing has advantages as well.

Brushes and other painting supplies In New Jersey, never use a bathtub or any other glazed surface to clean bathtub reglazing equipment. In the bath, avoid using strong chemicals. Anything that might be cut or scraped should not be washed or kept with it.

Following these suggestions, you can safeguard your investment in a freshly refinished tub or tile and ensure that your warranty remains valid.



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