Preventing & Properly Treating Bathtub Rust

Preventing & Properly Treating Bathtub Rust

Water that has flowed through rusted galvanized pipes is usually the culprit in a rusty bathtub. Hard water’s mineral and iron deposits can cause rust to form on metals and other surfaces. The time that passes between buying a new tub and needing to have it resurfaced might be cut significantly by this accumulation.

One must also think about the several materials that can be used to make a bathtub, such as porcelain, enamel, or acrylic. The components are sensitive to the disinfectants used.

While acids like vinegar can eat away at the enamel, acrylic tubs can be easily cleaned with bleach. Because of this, you must clean your tub in a manner that is safe for the material it is built of. You should always perform a test patch before applying cleaning tools or products on the full tub. 

The essential steps necessary to effectively eliminate rust from your lavatory are outlined in this post. You can always refinish the tub if the situation becomes intolerable.

Check the Bathtub for Rust Carefully

Make sure the rust stain on your tub is actually rust before you try to diagnose the problem and find a remedy. The rusty look of your fixtures could be the consequence of soap scum and hard water stains. If the enamel of your tub hasn’t chipped away and the metal underneath hasn’t been exposed, the problem is probably a stain and not rust.

The good news is that most stains may be cleaned with standard cleaning products.

Locate the Source of Rusty Tubs

If rust is present instead of a stain, then getting rid of the rust is more important than removing the stain. In order to prevent rust from forming, check to see if any metal is showing through the surface of your bathtubs. The underside of my tub has a persistent rust problem.

Getting to this section of the tub can be a pain because there isn’t a regular door. Get an access panel installed by a professional if you don’t have one already. Instead of knocking a hole in the wall, you could try something else. 

Solve the Rust by Refinishing!

In the event that the rust hasn’t spread too far, you can repair your bathtub’s components on your own. To resurface, however, requires the skills of professionals. Refinishing professionals have significant knowledge in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of rust, You should consider refinishing experts’ services. Having them help you restore your tub is a surefire way to get years more use out of it.

Last Thoughts

After prolonged exposure to the elements, especially water and oxygen, iron and iron alloys like steel undergo a chemical reaction that causes them to rust. If your bathtub is rusted and you don’t take care of it, you could be in for some expensive repairs down the road.

Bathtubs that have begun to rust should be taken to a professional restoration service, such as VT Lakewood Tub Reglazing. They will not only be able to get rid of the rust but also find the cause of the problem and repair anything that breaks. Specialists are supposed to stand by their guarantees and help customers out if the issue persists after they’ve been hired.



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