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The bathtub is an essential part of the bathroom because it is used frequently both for soaking and as a place to stand when taking a shower.  Regular use exposes the tub’s surface to moisture, which can degrade the material, change its color, and promote the growth of mildew if not properly cleaned.  There are options for fixing a severely stained bathtub, such as reglazing or bathtub refinishing.  Changing the color of a bathtub or restoring it to its original condition both necessitate the removal of the existing finish and the application of a new one.

Protecting a newly refinished bathtub requires regular cleaning and maintenance.  If you follow these guidelines for cleaning a reglazed tub, you can protect the surface for as long as possible.

Cleaning the tub right after it’s been refinished is essential.

Bathtub restoration is a quick and easy solution to give your outdated fixture a like-new appearance.  Once the new finish has been applied, it may take up to 90 days to fully cure. The new coating immediately begins curing after application.  While the finish is curing, you should follow these guidelines for cleaning and maintaining your bathtub:

  • Don’t use the bathroom for at least 24 hours after having your bathtub reglazed. If the surface is allowed to grow moist while the finish is curing, it could damage the new finish and trap dust particles, creating sharp edges.  If there is less dust in the air, it will be more convenient to hold off on using the restroom.
  • When professionals repair bathtubs, they protect the surrounding bathroom surfaces using masking tape. Experts will leave the tape in place after their work is complete.  This tape must be removed as soon as possible after the initial 24 hours have gone, but no later than one week following their passing.  Be careful when removing the tape so that the fresh coating isn’t ripped off with it.  Use caution when removing tape near the drain to prevent breaking the seal on the drain shoe.  You can also get in touch with a pro again if you need help removing the tape.
  • The repaired tub requires regular soap and sponge cleaning as it cures. Dust that settled on the finish while it was drying will be vacuumed away, and the surface will be conditioned at the same time.

How to Clean a Refinished Tub

After the 90-day healing time has gone, follow these steps to maintain your recovered bathtub:

  • Two weeks after a new finish has been applied, the surface should be waxed. This is a crucial part of maintaining a newly reglazed tub. After wiping out the tub with a damp cloth, add a thin layer of auto wax to protect the surface.  When removing the wax with a dry cotton towel, take care not to overbuff.  Once your bathtub has been recovered, you should wax it every three to six months.
  • Soap residue can be avoided by routinely cleaning the surface using a liquid soap or body wash that is gentle on the surface and easy to rinse off.
  • Keep the faucet in good working order to prevent the caulking around it from degrading and the sink from rusting.
  • Make sure the restroom has enough airflow.
  • To keep the tub’s surface dry, wipe it down with a towel after each use. Wet sponges or washcloths should not be left in the bathroom tub.
  • If your bathtub has any chips or cracks, get them fixed immediately to stop the spread of mold and mildew. This will cause water to seep into the gaps under the tub.

Maintenance of the Refinished Bathtub 

  • Do not get any chemicals like perfume, hair dye, or acidic cleaners on your newly reglazed bathtub. Instead, try using some gentle liquid cleaners.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning pads on the surface, as they may scratch it.
  • Rubber bath mats and suction-cup mats should be avoided because of the possibility of finish damage from hot water.
  • The fresh finish should not be exposed to things like shampoo bottles, soap, spray cans, or wet washcloths for more than 24 hours.
  • You shouldn’t give your pet a bath in the newly tiled tub.

In order to keep your refinished bathtub looking as good as new, regular cleaning and upkeep are required after having it restored.

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