How long does it take to get a bathtub refinished?

How long does it take to get a bathtub refinished?

Many homeowners find that refinishing bathtubs is an attractive alternative because it can improve a bathroom’s appearance without needing a big financial outlay. However, one of the most commonly requested queries is, “How long will the bathtub refinishing last?”

Let’s look at the lifespan of the new finish to help you decide if the expense of bathtub refinishing is worthwhile for you.

When a bathtub is refinished, the surface is returned to a state that is nearly identical to that of when it was first installed. The process can be completed by either sanding the current finish or using a brand-new coating. Both strategies are workable alternatives. The most recent coating, which is often an acrylic or urethane-based substance, is typically applied using spray guns.

Refinishing your bathtub can have advantages

The biggest benefit of having a bathtub refinished is that it can make an outdated tub that has seen better days look brand new. Additionally, it can be used to fix flaws like chips, cracks, or scratches or to change the color of a bathtub.

Another important advantage of this method is that refinishing a tub is significantly less expensive than replacing one. It is also a procedure that is thought to be easy and straightforward and may be finished in a matter of hours. The client benefits from this because it costs less money and takes less time than replacing the tub.

The price to refinish a bathtub is in the hundreds of dollars, however, the price to replace a tub might reach $3,000 or more. Users of bathtubs should seriously examine the idea of refinishing rather than purchasing because replacing a tub is far more expensive than refinishing it.

Refinishing your bathtub increases the amount of time it may be utilized, increasing both its cost and its value. If you take good care of your brand-new bathtub, it will last you between 10 and 15 years.

Here are 5 strong justifications to get your bathtub redone

There are several reasons you would choose to refinish your bathtub, including the following:

  1. If your bathtub is outdated and worn out, refinishing it may make it look like it was recently put in.
  2. Refinishing your tub might give it a new look you may like if you are tired of the color.
  3. You have the option of refinishing your tub to repair flaws like chips, cracks, or scratches and restore its brand-new appearance.
  4. Renovating your bathtub can be a good way to increase the value of your home if you’re thinking about selling.
  5. in order to increase the bathtub’s lifespan.


Refinishing is a great way to bring a dated bathroom up to date and may even make an old tub look brand new. Compared to replacing an existing tub, it can also be done more quickly and for less money overall. Renovating your bathtub can be a good way to increase the value of your home if you’re thinking about selling.

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