Bathtub Reglazing: Is It Really Worth It?

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Many homeowners are faced with the decision of whether or not they should reglaze their bathtub. It is a complicated process that can be time-consuming and costly, but it may also provide benefits such as increased property value and peace of mind. This blog post discusses how to make an informed decision about whether or not you should invest in bathtub reglazing.

What Is Bathtub Reglazing?

Bathtub reglazing is a process in which the surface of an existing bathtub is recoated. The tub can be made to look brand new, and it will not stain or chip as easily as a newly installed tub would. Bathtub refinishing is generally less expensive than installing a completely new unit. Some homeowners have even been known to update their old model with a modern one while saving on installation costs.

Why Get Your Bathtub Reglazed?


Appearance is a top reason for homeowners to invest in bathtub reglazing. Old, dirty bathtubs can be an eyesore that detracts from the overall look of a bathroom. 

Bathtubs with chipped and stained surfaces are also more challenging to clean and maintain, which means you might have to spend more money on cleaning products and tools as well as energy bills if your old tub is heated. 

Modern tubs may have smooth surfaces with fewer nooks and crannies, making it easier for people with small children or pets to keep a cleaner home.


Although new bathtubs are often made to enhance the look of a home, aged ones may lose their function. A cracked or chipped surface can be hazardous for adults and toddlers alike, so it is essential to have your old tub reglazed if you do not plan on installing a new one. Newer models are also more efficient at heating water because they have built-in systems that maintain appropriate temperatures.

Home Value

If you plan to sell your home shortly, an updated bathroom that looks clean and modern will likely give you a competitive edge over other homes listed in the same area. Bathtub refinishing provides homeowners with less expensive alternatives to adding completely new bathrooms or replacing bathtubs entirely – this means that updating your toilet will not hurt your home’s resale value.


If your bathtub is chipped, stained, or cracked, you should consider refinishing it rather than replacing it. Your tub might become more hazardous if the chips and cracks become more extensive – a reglazed surface will not pose a safety hazard in most cases. If you have small children or pets that often use your bathroom, investing in a safe tub surface makes sense.

Cost Versus Savings

While it is true that bathtub reglazing can be expensive, it may save you money in the long run. Replacing a bathtub or bathroom tile can be significantly more costly than investing in refurbishing services. 

For example, a new tub costs around $700 according to Homewyse estimates – but a complete bathroom remodel with installation of a new tub and tile work could cost more than $5200! If you have an older model that still functions well, refinishing your bathtub might save you money because you will not have to add funds to purchase a whole new unit.


The location of your existing bathtub may impact whether or not you should reglaze it. For example, if your new tub is smaller than the one you are replacing, you might want to consider updating the rest of your bathroom as well. 

Bathtubs with support systems such as whirlpools and air jets can be costly to replace – these features are more likely to break than standard bathtubs that only use water pressure to drain waste. If you have a built-in tub that will require excessive work for remodeling purposes, upgrading the whole room instead could save time and money in the long run.


When people think about getting their bathtub reglazed, they usually visualize a sparkling clean tub. However, some homeowners choose to have their bathtubs resurfaced before they are updated because the old finish on their tub is already clean and damage-free. If you plan to update your bathroom anyway, it makes sense to invest in refinishing services after cleaning out the existing bathroom.


If cracks or chips in your existing bathtub surface are too big for sanding down, reglazing may not be your best option. You can save yourself money if you replace your old model with an updated one instead of getting it refinished. Cracks deep enough to qualify as remodeling projects will also pose safety hazards – so consider buying new if any of these issues exist.

What Is Involved in a Bathtub Reglazing Project?

Materials and Tools

The first step of the bathtub reglazing process requires that you clean your tub thoroughly. You will need to scrape off any residual dirt and debris before the refinishing crew can even start working on your bathroom. After choosing a new surface finish, they will apply it according to professional standards with their specialized tools. 

They usually use rollers or spray systems for this purpose, so expect your entire bathroom to be full of noise and commotion during the day – but understand that these precautions are necessary to ensure the quality of their work. A specialist will come by afterward to inspect their work and make sure everything is done correctly – if not, they will fix problematic areas until you are satisfied with how it looks.


It is up to you if you want a professional refinishing crew to come in and do the entire project or if you’re going to take on some of the work yourself. 

The cost difference between these two options depends on where you live. If you have your bathroom remodeled by a skilled contractor, they may send their employees out for an extra service charge which will add to the total price they quote you. 

In this case, doing parts of the job yourself can save money – but remember that bathtub reglazing requires tools and professional equipment that most homeowners do not have access to! Plus, it is best to work with a plumber or electrician when dealing with water functionality problems because these issues usually require adjusting valves and pipes to work again.

Preparation and Cleaning Tips

If you want your bathtub to look its best when somebody reglazes it, there are a few things you can do in advance to ensure that no debris or residue from products clogs up the resurfacing process. 

First, make sure to remove any fixtures and accessories attached to your current tub. This includes removable shower heads and faucets – even the curtain rod that keeps water from spilling over when you take a shower! 

While it may be tempting to leave these items in place until after the refinishing crews have finished working on your bathroom, every speck of dirt will add more time and expense during their visit because they will need to come back out to redo certain parts of the job. Remember that this intensive project requires professional tools and equipment, so do not complicate the process if you can help it.

Application of the New Coat of Paint or Sealant

Once you have the tub clean, the refinishing team will apply a new coat of paint or sealant, depending on what you choose. If your old finish is not covered with an anti-slip additive, they will most likely add one during this step before painting over it. 

While there are many different surface options to choose from, they usually use acrylics for bathtub reglazing because these paints fill in cracks and chips well and last a long time. Also, remember that if you opt for something more upscale like porcelain tile, marble, or even glass as your final bathtub resurfacing option – they will not be able to work with those surfaces at all! So make sure that whatever material you select is easy to repair and maintain before making a final decision.

Clean-up and Maintenance

After your bathtub has been reglazed, the plumber or electrician will usually come in to inspect their work before they leave. This is how you can be sure that everything was done correctly because if your tub does not work correctly when it gets wet, they will have to redo all of their work until it does. 

Of course, this is only necessary if your refinishing crew is also repairing any functionality issues with your bathroom fixtures – but try to remember that this part of their job will contribute most to the total cost of their visit!

After your bathroom has been refinished, there are a few things you should keep in mind for future clean-up and maintenance purposes. First, always wear gloves when cleaning anything in the bathroom afterward. Your tub and tile surfaces should also be rinsed with water after every use because dried soap, body oils, and dirt can chip or flake off as time goes on and detract from the new look you worked so hard to achieve. 

If your glazing job is done correctly, it will repel most stains, so there is no need for harsh chemicals. But if something does stick around for more than a few days, try using an industrial cleaner along with warm water instead of chemical-based options that may damage the reglazed surface.

Suppose you are worried about making mistakes during this process or do not have time to clean up until after refinished bathroom remodeling crews leave. In that case, you might want to consider hiring somebody else to help. Bathtub reglazing is not a difficult task and can be completed in anywhere from two to four days – so there is no reason why you should not feel confident about doing it yourself. Just remember to take your time, read all of the instructions on any instructional materials carefully, and ask for help if you get confused or run into problems along the way!


Refinishing is the best option if you want to restore the appearance of your old, worn tub without spending a lot of cash on an entirely new one. While many factors contribute to the total price of refinishing services, knowing what to expect ahead of time will help you avoid unpleasant surprises! Hopefully, with this guide, you now have everything you need to plan for and complete your project successfully.

Bathtub reglazing is not difficult work, but it requires special tools and equipment to get it done correctly. If you do not feel confident doing the job yourself or don’t have time for it, hiring somebody else is probably your best bet.

Although refacing your bathtub may seem like an expensive endeavor, it can be a worthwhile investment if you plan to sell your home in the near future. Bathtub refinishing provides homeowners with new and attractive surfaces that save money and energy and increase property value. However, if you do not expect to move any time soon, this option might not make sense for you – replacing your tub entirely is less of a hassle than reglazing and will still give you a new look you want without costing as much money. Of course, knowing whether or not reglazing is worth it for your particular case depends on factors such as the condition of your old tub surface, how often you use the bathroom yourself, and whether or not you plan to sell your home anytime soon.



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